When I listen to the Planetary Radio podcast, there is a section at the end where they suggest objects to look out for in the night sky. If I am in the UK, but they are talking about the USA, will I still be able to find the objects they are referring to?

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    $\begingroup$ Unless you can be more specific, the answer to your question is just going to be a big ole' "depends". $\endgroup$ – David H Jan 10 '15 at 22:37

If they mention times of night then you have to figure out to what extent the time zone (BST/GMT vs the US time zones) makes any difference, but it shouldn't make more than an hour difference either way for an object that is moving sidereally with the rest of the night sky.

The main difference would be that the USA is at lower latitudes than the UK. Therefore there could be instances where an object with a small or southerly declination is better seen from the USA than the UK. Conversely, more of the sky is circumpolar from the UK.

Finally, if you are trying to see a specific event at a given time (UT), then of course it may well make a difference. The Sun could be up in the UK and down in the USA, or vice-versa.

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