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What were these lights in a line in the sky? [duplicate]

Hello dear astronomy community, On September 7 at 8:00pm me and my friend were hiking towards the Hollywood sign. We noticed roughly 10-15 bright lights moving in a line on the sky. That was very ...
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Sequence of starlike objects in the sky. What are they? [duplicate]

Tonight me and some family members saw a sequence of starlike objects moving slowly in a straight line in the night sky. As they moved, they became sparser and began disappearing (front ones first). A ...
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What was that single file line formation of flashing plane lights flying in the sky at night? [duplicate]

It was here on the west coast at 5 am pacific standard time when I went outside for a smoke when out of the corner of my eye what looks like a plane with flashing lights going across the sky when all ...
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