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Sequence of starlike objects in the sky. What are they? [duplicate]

Tonight me and some family members saw a sequence of starlike objects moving slowly in a straight line in the night sky. As they moved, they became sparser and began disappearing (front ones first). A ...
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What were these lights in a line in the sky? [duplicate]

Hello dear astronomy community, On September 7 at 8:00pm me and my friend were hiking towards the Hollywood sign. We noticed roughly 10-15 bright lights moving in a line on the sky. That was very ...
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Need help identifying fast moving red dot in the sky

This occurred last night, August 3, 2023 in Boulder, Colorado between 10:00-10:02pm. I was walking my dog and stopped to admire the stars for a minute. I was facing east and saw a red dot move very ...
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Two objects that looked like stars? [duplicate]

My husband and I were on the back porch looking at the stars, and two caught my eye when I noticed they were moving away from us in a zigzag pattern we watched until we couldn’t see them anymore. The ...
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What is this, red, blue, white twinkling, star? [duplicate]

I am from Germany and at 11 PM I was outside and I saw a star, rapidly twinkling in blue, red and white. At first, I thought it was a plane, but it didn't move. I took a picture of it, but you can ...
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Did I see a satellite (or space station)? [duplicate]

In the UK (south east) - when outside this evening at about 19:10 UTC (22nd Feb 2022), looking due south, with Orion directly above me. There are two bright stars vertical to each other, just to the ...
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Flashes in the Sky

Short Version: went camping into a very dark, remote location with clear air, no moon. Was able to see everything from the Pleiades and Orion, to the Southern Cross and the Magellanic Clouds (I live ...
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I spotted a very small, quite foggy but uniform aurora-type looking green light in the sky, but I live near the equator [duplicate]

I live in India, from there, a few years(2016) ago, I had spotted quite bright, uniformly(didn't change the shape while moving) crystal shaped green light very slowly moving above the clouds during ...
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What was the erratically jumping star like object [duplicate]

Oct 31st'21 around 11.15 pm. we saw a bright star like object, jumping erratically in all directions, constantly twinkling,occasionally looking coloured. All other stars were still. We were Looking ...
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Star like moving object in the sky [duplicate]

Today morning, around 4 am, I saw a star like object moving from right to left with a speed faster than airplane and then it started moving from left to right and then vanished in the sky. After few ...
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What object did I see in the sky? [duplicate]

Tonight, while looking at the night sky, I saw a moving object which I cannot assign to any cosmic or man-made object known to me. The object looked like a star, and hadn't it been moving, it would ...
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Spotted fast, VERY bright, moving object in the sky tonight in Gex, France [duplicate]

Tonight around midnight, I spotted a very bright moving object in the sky. Confused and intrigued with my sighting, I decided to go on google to find some answers. It clearly was not a plane as it was ...
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What was that single file line formation of flashing plane lights flying in the sky at night? [duplicate]

It was here on the west coast at 5 am pacific standard time when I went outside for a smoke when out of the corner of my eye what looks like a plane with flashing lights going across the sky when all ...
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Stars moved positions [duplicate]

I have just witnessed 2 stars change positions from above the dominant star to the east of my location. Stratford-upon-Avon They moved off 1 by 1 and drifted away perfectly parallel to each other ...
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I saw this ball of light moving across the sky [duplicate]

As I stated in the title, I saw this ball of light moving across the sky. It wasn't moving fast, but it wasn't moving slow. So, I was sitting my dad's car when I looked through the windshield and at ...
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