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Constellation search from April 22 2007 [duplicate]

I need help. I am trying to find the night sky on April 22, 2007, over Memphis, TN. I know that there has to be some way to find it, and I am at a loss.
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Star map, where? [duplicate]

I have been looking at the website and wanted to create a star map my self, from a specific place on a specific date. Where would I be able to find this?
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Historical Distance of Planets to Earth [duplicate]

I'm curious if there is a readily accessible tool available, or simply a reliable way to find out what the distance of the planets in the solar system were on a given date. For example, if I am ...
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Where can I find data on Mercury's orbit to fit a model to? [duplicate]

I have a project in which a Monte-Carlo method is used to find the optimal parameters for some model that is fit to a data set. I want to fit a model for the orbit of Mercury using this methods, but I ...
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What should I look for in a first telescope for a child?

I'm in a situation that I think many parents find themselves: my son has said that for Christmas he wants "a telescope so that I can see the planets". Which is cool, and I certainly would ...
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Is there an online planetarium where the observer is on another celestial body?

I know about and its online planetarium feature, but that's from the Earth's perspective. Is there a planetarium (preferably online but if not, that's fine) where the observer is on ...
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How does the Moon look like from different latitudes of the Earth?

I have heard, that on the northern hemisphere, you can estimate a direction of south if you imagine a line going through the tips of the border between illuminated and shadowed part of the Moon, and ...
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What is the period of Jupiter being visible in the sky?

For more than 3 months now, we can enjoy seeing Jupiter in the sky, and this will be the case until end of December. This means that Jupiter move slowly in the sky every day, but it makes me wonder ...
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How to discover Neptune from the Uranus orbit (by computer simulation)

I would like to demonstrate the existence of another planet (Neptune) by studying the discrepancy between the observation of the Uranus orbit and the mathematical prediction, this work was made from ...
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Where can I find a set of data of the initial conditions of our solar system?

As the title suggests, I'm in need of a set of data of our solar system. Similar to this, but more specifically, the Dubinsky Milky Way-Andromeda data. I'...
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Where can I find a visible star dataset?

I'm trying to do a project for a databases class where I have a user enter their current location and I tell them what constellations/planets/etc are visible in their area. I've seen this data ...
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Present distances between planet. How can I find them?

It's "commonly known" how distant are our solar system planets from Sun. But we can't easily say that about planets, which distances can differ greatly, without some observations (or simulations, ...
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Calculate eclipse days and duration of satellite

If a satellite is revolving in a GEO orbit, then what will be the eclipse duration for it? How to calculate when the satellite will enter the dark side of the Earth? Any formula or online tool would ...
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A plot of the Moon-rise/sets on the Horizon Location

We have been trying to see where the moon rises/sets on the horizon. Unfortunately, the moon is not cooperating. Even when we know the moon rise/set times (, we often cannot find ...
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Asteroids conjunction

I am currently writing a C++ program to show asteroids in 3D, and find close approaches or collisions. I got my orbital elements from JPL So far so good, with ...
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