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Why does the face of the moon 'sync' with the earth? [duplicate]

We never see the dark side of the moon. It rotates so that the same side always faces us. I heard two (dinner party) theories on this: 1. The moon was made by smashing out a chunk of the earth, and ...
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The dark side of the moon [duplicate]

I encountered this statement that the dark side of the moon is hidden from our sights. Could someone please explain?
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Isn't it absurdly unlikely that our Moon would constantly be "facing" us? [duplicate]

I never thought about this until recently, but our Moon is constantly rotating in such a way that it happens to perfectly be "looking at us" at all times. That sounds incredibly unlikely to ...
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Is the moon rotation at complete standstill? [duplicate]

Moon always faces Earth with one side, its spin period equal its orbital period - this is what we learn at school. But I know Nature rarely operates in absolutes. I'd find it hard to believe Moon ...
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What is the distance that the Moon travels during one orbit around the Earth?

Also, does it always take the same amount of time, or does it fractionally differ on each revolution?
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Is the moon "perfectly" tidally locked and, if not, how long would it take us to observe it's rotation?

I have a general understanding of how and why a body in space can be tidally locked to it's planet or sun and I'm aware that our moon is in such a state. My question is, if our moon once had a ...
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From which country or area is the new moon visible first?

Being able to see the Moon is dependant on various factors like sunset timing etc. Considering all these factors, which country or area of the world sees the new moon first? I am asking about the new ...
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How do people measure the distance between the Earth and The Moon?

How do people measure the distance between the Earth and The Moon? What methods were used? Where can I find the official data?
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What is the Terra phase?

Does the Moon have a night and day like Earth? When sitting on the Moon and viewing the Earth what does it look like when the Earth goes through phases like the Lunar Phase? How does the sun travel ...
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Have Pluto or any of its moons been mapped?

I was looking over some of the data for the terrestrial planets, and noticed that Venus, despite its cloud covering, had been mapped by the Arecibo Observatory. Also that other planets such as mars, ...
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USNO moon images look quite different?

I visited: within seconds of each other, and saw two very different "current moon images": Is one of ...
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Is there a threshold on distance/size for a tidal locking?

I know that some systems tend to tidal locking (such as earth-moon), which occurs basically because the difference in the gravitational pull on one side is significantly different from the pull on the ...
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Could a cryo-volcano be the reason behind this colour difference in Iapetus's hemispheres?

Iapetus's hemisphere facing Saturn is dark, whereas the opposite one is bright. Could a cryo-volcano be the reason behind this colour difference in Iapetus's hemispheres?
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