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Volume of the observable universe [duplicate]

What about the volume of the observable universe? Can we find it? And what is the result in cubic light years?
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Will there be collision between universes?

I just watched one of those videos that shows the scale of the universe, zooming out from one thing all the way out to the sphere that is thought to be the universe. However, they also showed other ...
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Can there be planets, stars and galaxies made of dark matter or antimatter?

We know that the universe has more dark and anti matter as compared to normal matter. Can there be dark matter galaxies or antimatter galaxies?
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How is the Cosmic Microwave Background so big?

If the CMB is an image of the universe when it was 379,000 years old, how is it so large? Since the light is 13.8 billion years old, the image represents the surface of a sphere with a radius of 13.8 ...
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When will the number of stars be a maximum?

There are very roughly a "mole" of stars in the universe. Wikipedia quotes an estimate of $3 \times 10^{23}$ though the number is associated with some debate and uncertainly. I'd like to know if ...
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Size of the Unobservable Universe

If you search that question on Google, the answers will be "250 times the size of the observable universe" or "more than 15.000.000 the size of the observable universe". Both of ...
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Does the universe curve in on itself?

I've read a little bit about the universe, but its not clear to me if there is a place in the universe beyond which there are no stars. For example, is there anywhere in the universe that one could ...
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Size of the whole universe if it were spherical

Suppose the universe is spherical and its density ratio is $\Omega \leq 1.00125$ $\Omega = 1.00125$ is approximately the maximum possible value of the density ratio according to the Planck Mission ...
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What covers the outside of the Universe? [closed]

Is the Universe a sphere with water or ice surrounding its' confinement? Are there any theories that imply the Universe being confined within a sphere of water/ice material?
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Can we observe the same very old object more than once?

Assuming the universe is curved and that is it possible to travel in a straight line and return to your starting point, it would make sense that at a younger age when the universe was smaller that ...
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Is the universe still considered "finite but unbounded"?

The BBC reports in Alien life in Universe: Scientists say finding it is 'only a matter of time' that Scotland's Astronomer Royal, Catherine Heymans, has said We live in an infinite Universe, with ...
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Can the Universe itself be a black hole? [duplicate]

Can the Universe be a Black Hole? Many years ago, after reading a book by Isaac Asimov (not a novel, but I forgot the title) I started wondering if it is be possible that the Universe itself is a ...
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Has any astronomer/physicist used geometry and trigonometry to calculate where the center of the universe is? [duplicate]

Since we are pretty sure that the universe is expanding at a steady and accelerating rate wouldn’t it be possible to simultaneously observe 4 points (galaxies) that are all, as closely as we can tell, ...
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