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Why does sun rise further north of where it does any other time of year? I know rises differently depending on the season but this is like never seen [duplicate]

I’ve lived in the outskirts of the city (San Diego). The sun obviously rises in the same place every morning and changes a little as the year progresses. Now it is so far to the left of my normal view ...
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reason for different location of sun when rising in the morning [duplicate]

Observed from the same geographical location, why does the sun rises from different points on the horizon during different parts of the year? Thank you.
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Does the sky get darker faster during the winter?

When one lives away from the equator, say at around 37° latitude, does the sky get darker faster after the sun sets in the winter as compared to the summer? Why is this the case? I believe that if ...
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Why does the sun rise north of east between the vernal and autumnal equinox?

Can someone please explain this phenomenon? A solid explanation seems to be missing from the entire internet.
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Does the Time of Sunset (Sunrise) Change Over Time Given a Fixed Location and Consistent Atmospheric Conditions?

Assumming a fixed location, clear skies, and consistent atmospheric conditions, does the sunset (sunrise) time change over time? For example, sunset on February 3, 2021 in Tel-Aviv, Israel, is ...
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Is there a formula to calculate the angular speed at which the Sun apparently moves around the Earth?

Is there a formula for how to calculate the angular rate at which the Sun apparently moves around the Earth? I know it takes 0.25 degrees/min, but as I understand it depends on other parameters as ...
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Is the solar system barycenter affecting the Earth weather?

I do not have the numbers but I guess the solar system barycenter should move much more than the Earth radius, and if that is correct then it should not be affecting the Earth's temperature. I mean, ...
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How to roughly calculate sunrise and sunset with a spreadsheet application

I am looking for a way to roughly calculate sunrise and sunset for a given lon/lat in mid Europe for each day of a year using a spreadsheet application. The thing doesn’t need to be very precise, but ...
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math tool to compute time of sunrise and sunset

What is the mathematical tool that enable to compute time of sunrise and time of sunset at a specific geographical location in the same part of a year, say given month and day exactly? I have noticed ...
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How to find a direction given the sunset

If one is situated at 50° latitude (meaning north hemisphere) and looks at sunset in the evening, by how many degrees you need to turn leftwards to find the meridian that goes through the point you ...
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What is the formula to input date, time and longitude. Where I can get latitude of the civil twilight back?

I am making a watch app, where I need to know where there is currently sun, and where it's not. I need to have some sort of formula/function to insert: date, time and longitude, and get back the ...
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