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Is the closest planet to another planet always the innermost planet?

In our Solar system Mercury is not only the closest planet to Earth on average but also, for the same reason, the closest planet on average to all other planets (Jupiter, Neptune, etc...). Does that ...
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Are we sure solar cycle is not related to the orbit of Jupiter?

Are we still debating the relationship between Jupiter and solar cycle? If not, what is the common or mainstream opinion about this topic? Or in other words, have we disproved the solar cycle is ...
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What is the orbital period of our sun around its barycenter?

In years, what is the time it takes our sun to orbit around our solar system's barycenter?
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Where is the Solar system's barycenter located?

Where is the Solar system's barycenter located? The solar system as a whole, Where is the center of the mass for the combined mass of the Sun, inner planets, and gas giants, is it inside the Sun? Is ...
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Is the solar system barycenter affecting the Earth weather?

I do not have the numbers but I guess the solar system barycenter should move much more than the Earth radius, and if that is correct then it should not be affecting the Earth's temperature. I mean, ...
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Uncertainities of orbital elements queried from JPL Horizons

I'm trying to retrieve the orbital elements' uncertainities for asteroids queried from NASA JPL Horizons. However I'm not able to find them in the query fields returned in python. Nor am I able to ...
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How is Earth's Rotation Angle (ERA) defined and measured

UTC typically ticks with TAI. But to keep UTC from drifting far from the rotation angle of the Earth we occasionally add leap seconds to ensure that UTC does not drift too far from the UT1 timescale. ...
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Does the Sun have different unique orbits around barycenters?

After reading this question and seeing its image I thought about this question I'm going to publish. Does the Sun have different unique orbits around the barycenter for its multiple planets? If yes, ...
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Does the Barycenter shift/combine when 2 planets line up with the sun?

On August 1st-2nd, Earth & Saturn lined up together in relation to the sun. Here is a website that discusses it:
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Equatorial Co-Ordinates of the Solar Barycentre

Does anyone know where the solar barycentre is in the old equatorial (based on Earth's position on midday, 01/01/2000) system? I want to add an ICRS option for a 3d model I'm working on. EDIT: degrees ...
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