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How are the solar flares from May 23, 2021 extraordinary?

The Space Weather News for May 23, 2021 reads (with some highlighting by me) Yesterday, the sun produced a sequence of solar flares unlike anything we've seen in years movie. Earth-orbiting ...
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Difference in creation of solar flares and CME?

What is the difference in the creation process of solar flares and CME (coronal mass ejections)? How do they relate to sunspots and coronal holes? Here there are some good explanations about the ...
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Directionality of solar flares

I have read a number of articles about Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) and solar flares and I’m trying to establish how directional the radiation from them is. I am aware that radiation from these solar ...
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What forces expelled these huge clouds, then blocked further progress, yet allowed it to maintain its threads?

From Wikipedia and NASA: Caption: NASA: S74-15583 (July 1973) --- A huge solar eruption can be seen in this Spectroheliogram obtained during the Skylab 3 mission by the Extreme Ultraviolet ...
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Would a large coronal mass ejection affect the earth evenly

A very severe coronal mass ejection in the lines of the Carrington event could potentially disrupt power grids and communications, but would it affect the earth evenly or would the part of the earth ...
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Does Earth's magnetic field become stronger when a solar flare hits?

This curiosity arises as follows: when ejecta from a strong solar flare hits Earth, will the Earth somehow counter its impact with a stronger magnetic field. Or, earth's magnetic field as limited ...
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Is it fair to describe a solar flare as a big lightning strike on the sun?

Solar flares and lightning strikes are both kinds of electric discharges. A lightning strike is a sudden discharge of electrical energy between an electrically charged cloud and another object, like ...
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Do solar flares have a noticeable effect on asteroid orbits?

I've read that in advanced trajectory calculations, sunlight is even taken into account. Does this also apply to transient events like solar flares?
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Strength of the relationship between very large solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and solar proton events?

In the years 774-775 and 993-994, there were large peaks in Earth's atmospheric radiocarbon (14C) concentration. While the cause was initially disputed, Mekhaldi et al.'s 2015 study of annually ...
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What would be the effects of a -400 nanotesla geomagnetic storm on modern electronics? [closed]

After reading the Wikipedia article on geomagnetic storms, I'm curious about what the effects of a -400-nanotesla-minimum geomagnetic storm would be on modern military and consumer electronics. The ...
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What online tools are available to investigate and classify solar eruptions?

I was just casually browsing when I came across a link about at recent solar flare. So I went to investigate at SpaceWeather. There it was stated: Looking further down the page it seem to say that ...
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What happened to the predicted geomagnetic storm on 2021-10-31?

There was widespread media coverage in advance of of a predicted G3 storm on 2021-10-31 due to a CME. For instance, A solar ...
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