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analemma for a specified lat/long at a specific time of day?

I have in mind to do a yearlong photo project of the solar analemma. Can someone suggest a software program that will provide (& chart) the altitude and azimuth of the sun, for a given location, ...
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What is the significance of the intersection in the analemma?

Is there an orbital significance to where the analemma intersects? Where in the earth's orbit does the intersection occur? I know the general dates when this happens but would like to know if it ...
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What is the relationship between the shape of the analemma and the sun's azimuth at sunset at a given latitude?

I want to know how the sun's azimuth at sunset changes over the course of a year. At first, I thought it would have purely sinusoidal motion, hitting its maxima and minima at the solstices, and ...
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Path of sun in the sky on a planet with no axial tilt

Some sources online (e.g. this, see section "Effect of Earth’s Eccentricity") claim that if the earth's axis was not tilted, then the analemma would have the shape of an ellipse/oval. I ...
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Why does the solar analemma have a strange shape on Jupiter?

I'm trying to look at what the solar analemma looks like from different planets, using Stellarium. To plot the analemma, I go into the ephemeris tab of the astronomical calculations window. From there,...
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