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3 votes
1 answer

visible solid angle of the moon

I'm reading an astronomy textbook for high schoolers, it contains an exercise to calculate the visible angle ratio of the moon in the sky (the textbook is not in english so my terminology is probably ...
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Calculating lunar parallax based on a distance between two objects at certain latitude

I want to compute lunar parallax based on the distance between two points. In fact I know the formula, but I guess they're explained wrong. By looking at the image below we can see the polar radius, ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Measure the radius of the earth using the sun?

Can someone tell me why this would or would not work? I have a sun spotter device that projects an image of the sun onto a piece of paper using a lens and some mirrors. When you use the device it’s ...
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given angular diameter distance turnaround, is it then that the background microwave radiation is now background because it was 'close' initially?

the idea of objects nearer the start of the visible universe appearing larger to us now because when their light started out they were nearer to us leads to the idea that the "largest" such &...
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Angular distance calculation in Equatorial and Galactic coordinates

I calculated the angular distance between the Galactic Center and Andromeda in Equatorial and Galactic coordinates and observed that the distance is calculated differently depending on the coordinate ...
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