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Questions about oscillations, or quakes in stars, where energy is transmitted as seismic waves.

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Can we use asteroseismology to study neutron stars?

Asteroseismology study the propagation of sound waves inside a star to probe its internal structure. Could something similar be used to study the structure of neutron stars and put constraints on the ...
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How to determine the age of a star using asteroseismology?

I keep reading that a standard way to determine the age of a star is asteroseismology, and I tried to learn more about it. I am wondering if somebody could help me to describe the method in simple ...
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Help understanding ring diagram analysis used in helioseismology

I need help understanding something. In global helioseismology we study the modes directly (stationary waves characterized by 3 integers numbers: $n$, $l$ and $m$). As the angular degree $l$ becomes ...
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Is there a term for asteroseismology as applied to giant planets?

Giant planets such as Jupiter have oscillations which enable analyses using the techniques of asteroseismology, for example Gaulme et al. (2011) detected global modes on Jupiter via radial velocity ...
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Large amplitude dipole pulsator

Consider a semiregular variable with amplitude of 1.5 mag. Is it possible to explain brightness variations by purely dipole pulsations?
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Asteroseismology; recordings of star vibrations duration and data availability?

A short video titled "Why Tess is recording the "sounds of stars" at the bottom of the page of the BBC News article Planet-hunter launches from Florida gives a short description of Asteroseismology by ...
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How loud would the Sun be?

Sound can't travel through outer space. But if it could, how loud would the Sun be? Would the sound be dangerous to life on Earth, or would we barely hear it from this distance?
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