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Questions about oscillations, or quakes in stars, where energy is transmitted as seismic waves.

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Help understanding ring diagram analysis used in helioseismology

I need help understanding something. In global helioseismology we study the modes directly (stationary waves characterized by 3 integers numbers: $n$, $l$ and $m$). As the angular degree $l$ becomes ...
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Can we use asteroseismology to study neutron stars?

Asteroseismology study the propagation of sound waves inside a star to probe its internal structure. Could something similar be used to study the structure of neutron stars and put constraints on the ...
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Large amplitude dipole pulsator

Consider a semiregular variable with amplitude of 1.5 mag. Is it possible to explain brightness variations by purely dipole pulsations?
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Asteroseismology; recordings of star vibrations duration and data availability?

A short video titled "Why Tess is recording the "sounds of stars" at the bottom of the page of the BBC News article Planet-hunter launches from Florida gives a short description of Asteroseismology by ...
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