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How can I calculate the uncertainties in magnitude like the CDS does?

When you check an entry of the Gaia DR2 stellar catalogue in Vizier, for example this one, you can see that there is a value for the G magnitude (in our case 18.0733 mag) and a value for the ...
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How do I plot galactic coordinates using matplotlib and astropy in python?

I want to make a projection of millisecond pulsars on the galactic plane, much like this one from Sala et al. 2004: I have tried several methods, and have not gotten anywhere. This is my current ...
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What does "additive fringing from the (multiplicative) twilights" mean?

The question How can I make the fringing pattern visible in my flat (twilight) images for filter i? includes: I have a bunch of twilight flats that have been preprocessed (dark, bias, overscan etc.)...
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Making sense of the lomb-scargle periodogram

I am trying to use the periodogram to tell when a signal is periodic or not by following the tutorial for the astropy Lomb-scargle periodogram here.
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trouble installing drizzlepac

I'm trying to install drizzlepac to follow this tutorial on aligning hst images: However, I get ...
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How to Interpret Lomb Scargle periodogram

lomb scargle periodogram: ...
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