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Questions tagged [aurora]

Questions of natural light display on planets with atmosphere predominantly in their high latitudes caused by charged particles from the respective star.

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Have auroras on Titan been observed yet?

After reading the very insightful introduction to auroras on other planets I started digging and found various questions and some answers here on the same topic, see below. What I did not figure out ...
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What are the typical emissions of Jupiter's Aurorae?

I'm looking for some solid measurements of the full range of emissions from the Aurorae on Jupiter. I've found partial sets of data in the past which are most easily summarized here. As you can see, ...
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What is the science behind the polar light shapes

Is there any scientific explanation that causes polar lights (aurora borealis/australis) to have their unique shapes? Specifically: Rayed Arcs Dual Bands Corona (Images on NASA Pdf) This site (by ...
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Low Latitude Aurora

It's been in the news recently that the aurora was visible in Europe at much lower latitudes than usual, ie, not just in Scandinavia but as far south as the Adriatic. Sadly, I didn't find out about it ...
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What causes aurora at lower latitudes during solar storms?

During solar storms, aurora can be viewed a lower latitudes in regions which normally cannot see aurora. What physically allows for the aurora to be seen at lower latitudes? Is it the influx of energy ...
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