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How would images with an overextended focal length look like?

If one stacked many Barlow lenses/used several focal extenders, what would the resulting image look like?
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Problems finding planets and incorporating a 2x Barlow

We have a 6" Dobsonian (Orion SkyQuest XT6) that came with Plossl lenses (10mm and 25mm) as well as a 2x Barlow magnifier. I bought it used many, many years ago and have not used it for a while. ...
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7 votes
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Will a 10mm eyepiece with a barlow 2x produce the same result as a 5mm eyepiece?

So I have been wondering if a barlow (say 2x) will produce the same result of a half eyepiece.... So would a 10mm with a 2X Barlow produce the same result as a 5mm? (Assuming the FOV is the same on ...
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