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Instead of a five-element corrector for arced drift trajectories, why didn't the ILMT just use CCDs fabricated w/ slightly non-cartesian pixel layout?'s New Indian telescope identifies its first supernova links to the recent arXiv Follow-up strategy of ILMT discovered supernovae. The International Liquid Mirror Telescope is no ordinary ...
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Calculation of average FWHM by PSF fitting of all the detected stars in the fits image

I need to calculate the FWHM of all the stars detected via the DaoStarFinder package/any other package by performing PSF fitting in Python. Here is the code for my detection. ...
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Effective gain when stacking N frame images

I am trying to understand how to derive the effective gain in [electrons / ADU] when stacking N frame images in different (summed, averaged, or medianed) ways. I found the effective gains for the ...
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