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Questions about the Chandra X-ray Obseravatory, the NASA satellite for X-ray astronomy.

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Why would a black hole have a disk, but not emit x-rays?

There's a recent paper in Nature about LB-1, a B-class star orbiting a massive black hole. I don't understand how these two parts of the paper can be reconciled. On page 2, the authors argue that the ...
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Bad syntax for region SIMPLE -- dmextract CIAO 4.15

I am trying to perform a radial profile analysis using Chandra's CIAO 4.15 dmextract function but keep getting the following error: "bad syntax for region SIMPLE". I cannot find any relevant ...
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Angular extent of this composite Chandra / JWST image of the Tarantula Nebula?

I thought I’d ask this question here, as I couldn’t readily find the answer looking through online resources. What is the angular extent of the composite Chandra / JWST image of the Tarantula Nebula ...
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To set up parameters for the sherpa tool

How to set the parameters - photon index and metal abundance in the CIAO Sherpa tool for an x-ray source? I am trying to analyze a bright x-ray source using the data extracted from the Chandra archive....
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