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Questions regarding the celestrial body which most likely killed the dinosaurs.

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Which kind of celestial body killed dinosaurs?

Well, the internet lies a lot, so there's so much information mixed with misinformation... Some sources call what killed the dinosaurs an asteroid and others a meteor. Is there any consensus on this? ...
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What would happen if Venus was hit by a Chicxulub-like meteor?

What would happen if Venus was hit by a Chicxulub-like meteor? Would the dense atmosphere and high surface pressure and temperature lead to a different result compared to what happened here on Earth?
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How many iridium layers do we know, besides the K-Pg one (the dinosaur killer "smoking gun")?

The hypothesis of a large asteroid impact playing a role in dinosaurs extinction was strengthened by the discovery of a global iridium anomaly in the geologic record, at the Cretaceous–Paleogene (K-Pg)...
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Other side of Earth when the Dinosaur-killer struck

When the (Chicxulub) asteroid hit Yucatan, what was it like in the minutes, days and weeks afterward on distant locations on Earth? Related How loud was the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs?
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How loud was the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs?

Asteroid impacts on the Earth can be very loud when they break up in the atmosphere, like Chelyabinsk, captured in this video: The Chelyabinsk asteroid break-up was ...
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How early could we detect an asteroid the size of the one that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?

Would we know months, years ahead? How sophisticated is our technology's ability to detect it at 100% accuracy?
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Could the dinosaurs have seen the asteroid that killed them?

Wikipedia says the Chicxulub impactor is thought to have been a 10-15 km diameter object. Would it have been visible to a (human*) naked eye before impact? And if so, would it have appeared like a ...
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Time of day of the K-Pg asteroid impact?

Is it possible to determine what daytime the Chicxulub impactor struck the Earth 66 Mya? Was it day or night, what was the current phase of the Moon, etc.? Can sediments, rhythmites or something else ...
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