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What to do in case of concentric circles that are not aligned with the cross after collimation (Picture inside)?

I have been collimating my newly bought first Newtonian telescope for a few days now, but I can't get the center of the circles to align with the intersection point of the spider's reflection. I have ...
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Why can’t I get a red dot instead of spread out light when collimating the primary mirror

Using a laser collimator, I have centered the dot for the secondary mirror, but all I see is spread out light when I go to adjust the primary mirror. Shouldn’t I be able to see a dot, and move that ...
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Precise meaning of collimation/alignment of a binocular

My question is about what exactly is meant by a binocular being collimated/aligned. I'm familiar with optics in general, but not with the nitty gritty of binocular design. There are various resources ...
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