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Making RGB image using FITS files with different dimensions

I want to make an RGB image using 3 FITS files: one IR image from Spitzer and the other two from UVIT. I tried to make them using make_lupton_rgb in Astropy, but it doesn't work in the case of FITS ...
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Why the Sun is white if it is G2?

I know it's a simple question, but even I progressed in astronomy, I always had this question. So, I know the Sun, in the MK classification system, it's G2: yellow. But I also know the sun, in visible ...
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What objects in the night sky have the narrowest range of visible light

What objects visible to the naked eye at night have the narrowest spectrum of visible light reaching the earth. Put another way, Which objects are most visible as a specific color or colors rather ...
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21 votes
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Why is Neptune a darker blue than Uranus?

If Neptune and Uranus have similar composition then why is Neptune a darker blue than Uranus?
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Using tail-fit Gaussian distribution to compensate for saturated sensors

Main Question I have a project goal, where I have an image of light sources (stars or lamps doesn't matter). The image is split up into channels for each expected band of 'color'. There are occasional ...
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color of stars and temperature

I recently got questioned on why stars are the color they are. I know the color of a star depends on its surface temperature where hotter stars produce more light towards the blue side of the spectrum ...
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2 answers

Straightforward conversion from Gaia GDR3 photometry to RGB values

I'm a non-astronomer, but I'm working on a project for which I need to produce CGI renderings of as complete a starfield as I can find. The latest Gaia catalogue release has an impressive 1.5 billion ...
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How far can a star's visual colour deviate from black body radiation?

The primary driver of a star's colour is its temperature, by way of black-body radiation. Black body radiation restricts stellar colour to a narrow slice of the full RGB spectrum. However, all stars ...
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