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Questions regarding two stars that touch each other in a binary system.

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Binary star data

I was doing a project on Binary stars. I wanted data of masses, eccentricity, semi-major axis, and radial velocity. I tried many sites but I couldn't find them. Where can I download such data from?
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What is considered "contact" for contact binary white dwarfs, and roughly how long can they stay that way before merging?

The question Why do they think that WDJ0551+4135 is “snowman shaped” i.e. a contact binary? has also raised the question of what a contact binary is or isn't, and how hard it might be to see one if it ...
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Why do they think that WDJ0551+4135 is "snowman shaped" i.e. a contact binary?

The BBC's Huge 'space snowman' is two merging stars says Researchers have discovered a huge snowman-shaped star with an atmospheric composition never seen before. It is more massive than our Sun but ...
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Do contact binaries such as Ultima Thule affect our current theories on how the Moon formed?

While I was reading about Ultima Thule, I was wondering if the discovery of contact binary objects had any effect on our current theories of how the Moon formed?
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Can any type of stars be contact binaries?

In this article Shortest distance between stars it is mentioned that Some double stars can actually be in contact with each other. This occurs when a red giant star has a white dwarf star ...
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