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Is it possible to make (or buy kit) DIY portable radio telescope that I can place on the balcony like optical telescope?

I want to have a small radio telescope to use on balcony instead of optical when sky is cloudy (it is very often). Is it possible? What objects can be observed by that telescope? Is it possible to use ...
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How bright is the Crab Pulsar's 30 Hz modulation in visible light? What color is it?

This answer to Has great eyesight been necessary for astronomers? mentions Astronomer Jocelyn Bell Burnell's recounting of a likely first visual observation of a pulsar. This can be found for example ...
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Combining lenses from two telescopes to build a more powerful one?

I have two Galileo 700mm x 60mm Astro/Terrestrial Refractor Telescopes. Can I take the lenses out and make one powerful telescope, something like an optical series circuit?
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Challenges when trying to build a telescope using two lenses

I have some lenses - a 10 cm and 7 cm convex lense and a 4 cm and 1 cm concave lenses. I am trying to make a telescope by combining one of convex and concave lenses, but I am struggeling to do so. The ...
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Which type of telescope should I make?

I am not very much interested in observational physics but I just like to look at the night sky. It gives me a lot of inspiration. So, i was thinking about making a telescope for basic observations. I ...
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