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Questions concerning or involving the Drake equation which estimates the probability of making contact with intelligent life in the Milky Way.

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Does the Drake equation consider how far a planet must be from gamma ray bursters, black holes supernovae etc for life to survive?

Can we use these dangerous phenomena to predict where life can't exist?
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Serious alternate form of the Drake Equation, or graffiti?

Where I live it is very common to see jackets and T-shirts with familiar yet casually garbled or modified content (example) I recently spotted what looked a lot like the Drake equation on the back of ...
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Current best-known Drake Equation values?

Frank Drake's equation is used to estimate $N$ the number of civilizations we might be able to communicate with in our galaxy: $$N = R_\star f_p n_e f_l f_i f_c L$$ where: $R_\star$ is the average ...
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Explaining the Drake Equation on a smaller scale

So me and my friend were planning a video to explain the Drake Equation (within a time limit of 5 minutes), and we needed some help. This video is aimed at explaining the concept to an age group ...
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In SETI has anyone calculated an estimate of the mean time between observations?

So the Drake Equation, proposed by Frank Drake, is often cited as a means to estimate the number of intelligent civilizations that exist in the observable universe. Initial calculations by Drake ...
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Is the Drake equation based on a logical fallacy? [closed]

I often wonder why the Drake equation gets taken so seriously and why popular scientists in general say "it's probable' life exists elsewhere in the cosmos. My problem is that the mechanism for ...
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what is the percentage of stars with planetary systems?

I'm having hard times understanding the equation of Drake, i can´t find the number of the variable that refers to the stars with planetary systems (fp)
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What types of signals is SETI (and other such efforts) looking for?

This seemed to be the closest group for this question. Every few months there are a few articles asking "Are we alone in the universe" which focus on the Fermi Paradox, the Drake Equation, and end by ...
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Is the Drake Equation an accurate way of finding the probability of life on planets?

I was interested in finding out if there was life on any planets or moons. I saw ReNiSh A R's question, and I saw the answer about there being life on Europa, but it didn't accurately answer what I ...
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