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Tag used for topics related to drizzle-integration (a super-sampling algorithm for stacking images)

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Stacking of frames drizzled using the AURA drizzle implementation hosted on github/spacetelescope (NOT PixInsight drizzle integration)

Note: this question is not about PixInsight's drizzle integration module, it's specifically about the mentioned drizzle implementation. Answers describing PI functionality are automatically off topic. ...
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How to show the image of the fits file what I want to see among several fits file in astrodrizzle

Before running astrodrizzle(a library that can align the fits file images), I runned "tweakreg" to update fits header. I used the bullet cluster data(ACS/WFC's five filters and 42 exposures),...
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In the explanation of fitgeometry=general of drizzlepac.tweakreg.TweakReg, How are there two different rotation with respect to "x axis" and "y axis"?

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Can Drizzle Integration increase resolution beyond theoretical resolution of telescope?

So I was wondering, if drizzle integration actually increases details in your image if the drizzled image results in higher resolution in terms of arcseconds / pixel than the telescope would allow (...
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