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Questions about planetary dust storms, such as those on Mars and Titan

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Are there lightning bolts on Mars?

Although the Martian atmosphere is thin, there are many atmospheric phenomena that occur on Mars: storms, dust devils, (carbon dioxide) snow,... Some storms even stir up the atmosphere of the entire ...
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Martian dust storms-what was the smallest in area, or shortest in duration storm detected?

I understand localized Martian dust storms can develop into global wide events. All searches I do produce results that focus on local storms expanding. Is there any information on what was the ...
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How much is usually deposited in a Mars regional dust storm?

Is there any indication of how much dust is deposited, especially in areas that are not open where wind might produce a cleaning event?
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Has the Mars dust storm affected its naked-eye appearance?

Mars has been undergoing a planet-wide dust storm for a couple of months now. By my eye, while Mars currently looks a bright and handsome orange, there's been no change that I've been able to notice ...
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