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Questions regarding the universe shortly after its formation, up to the CMB or even as far as the formation of the first galaxies

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Could the universe have evolved differently?

Given the initial conditions at the Big Bang, could our universe have evolved any differently? In other words, did the initial conditions predetermine every stage in the evolution of the universe to ...
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Astronomy questions I wondered for hours [closed]

I read a question posted by a community member in my community that shocked me, I think it contains some pretty cool astronomy questions that I cant wait for you scientists to answer. I am asking this ...
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How did the reionization epoch make the universe "transparent"?

I've been reading about the reionization epoch of the universe, and it isn't entirely clear to me. As I understand it, very shortly after the big bang the universe was ionized, with the electrons ...
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Flatness of the universe?

How does inflation explain why the curvature in the early universe was flattened out and now results in a flat universe?
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Sources of astronomy-related dataset?

I'm doing a project for a statistics class, and I thought it may be interesting work with a dataset associated with astronomy. I know absolutely nothing about astronomy, unfortunately, and I wouldn't ...
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The reason behind Big Bang

It always amuse us to research about things around us and we always start our research with a question that - what must be the reason for happening of that phenomenon? As we know that the formation ...
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What would the night sky have looked like 12.9 billion years ago when galaxies first started to form?

If I stood on a theoretical earth at the time that galaxies were just starting to form, what would the sky have looked like? Due to the smaller size of the universe would it have been densely packed ...
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Why are distant galaxies not visible in the observable Universe?

Assuming that the Universe is and has been expanding ever since its creation (Big Bang theory), the galaxies that are now at the 'edge' (not visible theoretically) must have been (at some point in ...
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How do we know the big bang didn't happen in an existing universe?

I understand the evidence for the big bang (expansion, background radiation, etc), but how do we know that it was the start of the universe? Why couldn't it have occurred in an existing, but very ...
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Where is all the antimatter?

The universe supposedly started off with equal parts matter and antimatter and they are said to annihilate each other. Also, nature is famous for it's balance between everything. So all we see is ...
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Age of the universe

We know that the universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old. What methods did we use to discover this? How sure are we about its accuracy?
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Inflation cosmology: slow-roll inflation versus tunneling between two vacua

In slow-roll inflation models, the early inflation of the universe is driven by the flat non-zero part of the inflaton potential, and it ends as the ball rolls down the cliff and the potential energy ...
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Future of CMB observations: How will our knowledge of the early universe change?

The Planck satellite has been presented and awaited for a long time as the ultimate experiments for measuring temperature fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) over the full sky. One ...
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