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How did the year 1904 not have 367 days?

We know that the Earth completes a revolution around the Sun about every 365.25 days. But we consider each year 365 days and add one day to the year every four years in order to have the leap year and ...
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What is approximate numerical equation of the apsidal precession of the Earth-Moon barycenter?

What is approximate numerical equation of the apsidal precession of the Earth-Moon barycenter? Or is it only constant 11.45 arcsec/year with unchanged accuracy to 0.01 arcsec/year for a million years?...
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How would the synodic period of Venus appear to change if both planets were moved 10 million additional miles away from the Sun?

Let us say that Earth and Venus are both moved 10 million additional miles from the sun. How would the synodic period of Venus appear to change for an observer on Earth? If 584 days is Venus' current ...
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Why does the axis tilt (obliquity) of Earth change over time?

I have recently learned that the polar axis of Earth moves in a complex fashion. There are both precession and nutation. I have learned that Earth's obliquity varies between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees on a ...
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Earth-Moon Barycenter Perihelion

I am trying to implement an algorithm I created to get the sun rise, transit and set accurately, but in order to do that I need to get the Earth-Moon barycenter (EMB) perihelion, and not the Earth ...
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Neptune's eccentricity stability

Will Neptune's orbital eccentricity remain lower than earth's forever? It currently is at around 0.008, compared to Earth's 0.0167.
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Are all the steps below leading this approximation for a zero-shadow latitude correct?

Here we calculate an approximation of the latitude which experiences zero shadow on (at the start of) a given day of a year. Assumptions: The Earth is spherical Its orbit is circular and the ...
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Is Jupiter warming the Earth? (Earth, Sun Jupiter system)

If Sun-Jupiter baricentre is outside the Sun, does that mean the Sun is orbiting around that point too right? Then the Sun shouldn't be nearer to the Earth at some point during the Sun-Jupiter orbit (...
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What if Earth gained 1 km/s orbital velocity?

How would Earth's orbit be affected if we (hypothetically) added $1 {\rm km/s}$ to its orbital velocity? Would Earth reach close to Mars' orbit? Could Earth get gravitational assist from Mars and go ...
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What is the period of the 'cycle' of Earth's ecliptic variation, relative to the 'invariable plane'? 70,000 or 100,000 years?

The plane of Earth's path around the Sun, the ecliptic, is different from the average of the solar system's as a whole (the invariable plane) by about 1.57°.... Our path around the Sun, though, goes ...
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What would happen when the speed of the Sun's spin changes?

Does the Sun's spin have effect on the orbit of the Earth?
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The position of Polestar

Despite the revolution of the earth around the sun, why does the Polestar appear to be at the same place all through the year? My daughter, a class 8 student, asked me this question.
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Can we change Earth's orbit with modern technology? [closed]

It is well known that, according to Newton's 3rd law, spacecrafts entering or leaving Earth provoke tiny (insignificant) changes to Earth's orbit (see related question here). My question is about ...
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Keplerian Elements for the Moon and Earth around their Barycenter

So I'm looking to replicate the inner Solar System to a decent degree of accuracy. So far I've been utilizing the Keplerian Elements and Equations for the planets, as shown here. There is one issue ...
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When and why was zero right ascension defined to be at the vernal equinox?

When (and why) was zero right ascension defined to be at the vernal equinox? Who established or defined this standard?
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Why do years become shorter with time?

I've read (in Gates to the Hebrew calendar p.128 and other sources) that the Earth orbits the Sun in 365.256 days, but each 1000 years the year becomes shorter by 5.5 seconds. "The accurate ...
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