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Questions tagged [eccentric-orbit]

Questions about orbits with high eccentricities, which deviate greatly from perfect circles.

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What maintains the high orbital eccentricity of many exo-planets near their sun?

Over the last decade we've discovered that many exoplanets not only have highly eccentric orbits, but also orbit very close to their sun. This is true of many classes of stars. I definitely have a ...
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3 votes
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Average effect of a planet on a comet

I'm considering a problem involving star S, planet A, and a comet B. The orbits of the planet and comet are eccentric, with eccentricities $e_A$ and $e_B$. I'm trying to calculate the average change ...
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Find position of orbiting body along orbit efficiently

I'm coding a game, and a fundamental mechanic is celestial bodies moving in elliptical, Keplerian orbits around a single gravitational point in a planetary system (not our solar system). The bodies ...
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