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Questions about the sixth largest moon of Saturn.

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Why is Enceladus's albedo greater than 1?

Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons, has a geometric albedo of 1.38 and a bond albedo of 0.81. How can the geometric albedo of Enceladus be greater than one? What are the similarities or differences ...
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Enceladus; why use the words "geysers", "jets", and "plumes" interchangeably?

Background, Europa: In an earlier question How can “Geysers” on Europa reach heights of 100km? I brought up the use of the word "geyser" in association with the reported confirming observations of ...
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Why the Circumstellar Habitable Zone is defined as it is, if life could be possible outside of it?

According to Circumstellar habitable zone In astronomy and astrobiology, the circumstellar habitable zone (CHZ), or simply the habitable zone, is the range of orbits around a star within which a ...
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