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Would having a 20 Earth mass planet with lots of greenhouse gasses be the way to survive till the end of the universe for lifeforms? [closed]

So what if a 20 Earth mass planet is used, where 10 Earth masses are pure Sulfur Hexafluoride extending to 5 Earth Radii, and the other 10 is iron and nickel which is fully molten with radii of one ...
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Could entropy be reversed eventually in the far future?

In the far future there will be most likely a point where a maximal state of entropy will be reached in the universe and after the last black hole evaporates there could be no more structures and no ...
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How many years will it take before there's a 50% chance that all particles would have assembled into another Big Bang?

Going off of the Boltzmann brain thought experiment, approximately how many years from now would there be a 50% chance that all the particles in the Universe would randomly assemble themselves into ...
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How does the entropy diffusivity changes with radius in the Sun?

Could you please explain - How does the entropy diffusivity changes with radius in the Sun? As far I know, In the convection zone, the entropy diffusivity increases as the temperature and density ...
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Time & The Big Bang [duplicate]

What are the arguments against a perpetual universe, i.e. one that expands from a singularity, like we observe with ours, then suffers from terminal entropy, collapses back upon itself before reaching ...
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How String Theory calculates the Entropy of the Black Hole in a Background dependent way?

How does string theory get an agreement to the Hawking-Bekenstein equations to calculate the quantum entropy of a black hole in a background dependent way? Is there any sort of area parameter in ...
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Will the Heat Death scenario ever occur or just the Big Freeze?

According to the Wikipedia page regarding the ultimate fate of the universe, heat death is a different scenario than the big freeze. It states that in the big freeze, temperature will asymptotically ...
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Are there predictions of the distribution of matter at the end of time

Are there any theoretical predictions or "educated speculation" by cosmologists on how matter will be distributed at very, very distant times in the future? For example, will matter be: agglutinated ...
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Bousso bound within particle horizon, discrete Q.field theory

I have 2 questions: Could you please give me arxiv numbers of papers dealing with the Bousso bound for the particle horizon (known Universe), from masters level upwards, with also some papers a bit ...
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How entropy increases over time [closed]

According to 2nd law of thermodynamic, in an isolated system entropy increases over tume. In an open system entropy might seems decreases but combined result of all related events results in overall ...
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