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How to get target_id column from GAIA DR3 basic search?

When using the GAIA search through the website, the target_id column seems to pop up without any displayed column specified and disappears just as mysteriously. Does anybody know how to trigger that ...
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How to explain tidal tails and dark matter sub-halos in simple terms?

There is the exciting news by ESA entitled Is the nearest star cluster to the Sun being destroyed? Data from ESA’s Gaia star mapping satellite have revealed tantalising evidence that the nearest ...
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Earlier references of Mars' arsia mons elongated cloud?

The weird long cloud on Mars is finally revealing some of its secrets is an article by Chelsea Gohd from referencing ESA's Mars Express news. The Arisa Mons Elongated Cloud (AMEC) is ...
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How are image credits expressed in Astronomy presentations?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm preparing an astronomy presentation, and I want to make sure I give credits where credits are due. But I see credits appear in different formats, for example: ...
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When examining an exoplanet's atmosphere is the star's emission spectra or planet's light used?

My understanding of the main method we use to figure out an exoplanet atmosphere composition is that when a exoplanet transits their sun, visible light passes through the planet's atmosphere, and ...
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How can lunar pits be distinguished from craters?

ESA's news En route to exploring lunar caves features the following paragraph: The Moon's surface is covered by millions of craters, but it also hosts hundreds of very steep-walled holes known as ...
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Is there any real chance of getting hit with a meteorite if we build a base on the moon?

I've been reading an article today on how the European Space Agency (ESA) has an interest in building a space village on the moon which will be 3D printed and assembled by robots. Eventually people ...
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What are the differences between TESS and PLATO exoplanet telescopes?

Within a year now it has been decided to launch TESS in 2017 and PLATO in 2024, space telecopes of NASA and ESA. They seem to have very similar science goals, both searching for transiting Earth sized ...
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