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Questions regarding non-baryonic matter, most notably, matter with negative mass or imaginary mass, such as tachyons.

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Why are WIMP dark matter particles, if Majorana-like, expected to annihilate upon contact? But not neutrinos?

I have heard a lot recently about so-called 'dark stars'; stars that are formed with the help of the gravitational pull of dark matter, or perhaps entirely from self-annihilating Majorana-type dark ...
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Are we searching for supercriticality of exoplanet water via passive spectral analysis?

Much spectrum analysis on many chemical compounds are mapped and categorized at Earth atmosphere (1000 millibar) or thereabouts. But many celestial objects are of greater ranges of surface pressure. ...
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Can we see atomic positronium lines in space? What could be learned from it and what are current challenges to doing so?

This answer to Have we detected spectra of exotic atoms in stars?1 currently ends: Estimates for observing lines corresponding to transitions between different bound states of positronium are not ...
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Have we detected spectra of exotic atoms in stars?

I was reading this wikipedia article on positronium (a type of exotic atom) and noticed it mentioned that positronium has a spectra (of course). So naturally this makes me wonder, have we looked at ...
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How did cosmic inflation even occur?

I wanted to ask this question that which inflation model shall i believe? Following below will be MY UNDERSTANDING (MAY NOT BE CORRECT) OF IT: I read "A Brief History of Time" and in chapter ...
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What's the percentage of strange matter inside a star at any time?

Is there any amount of strange matter (or "top matter"?) inside stars? By strange matter I mean matter made out of flavours of quark other than up/down.
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Can Quantum tunneling be possible within Blackhole ? And if so, could that be the source of Dark Energy?

Quantum tunneling starts happening when there are empty energy states available for the electrons to occupy and the energy barrier is of the order of the wavefunction of the electrons. Could there be ...
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Strange matter objects other than neutron stars?

This question is about celestrial objects which are composed by exotic matter, and exotic matter I define as states of matter that are not commonly encountered such as Bose–Einstein condensates, ...
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Scenarios: Abusing a black hole

So a black hole is this large, sphere-blob shaped fluid thing that distorts space and time, making a weird hole in space(even after 5 years, I still don't exactly get what a black hole is exactly and ...
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