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Are there observable changes in a star about to become supernova, minutes or hours before the explosion?

I am writing a science fiction novel, where a ship is stranded in a single star system (a red supergiant). One of the plot points is the star becoming supernova in several hours, so the characters ...
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26 votes
2 answers

Why do stars explode?

I always hear the narrator of documentaries say that a star explodes because it ran out of fuel. Usually things explode when they have too much fuel, not when they run out of fuel. Please explain...
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20 votes
2 answers

Explosions of black holes

I was bopping around YouTube and observed this enjoyably produced video. In it, when describing the behavior of a black hole with the mass of a US nickel, the narrator says, "Its 5 grams of mass ...
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Did I see a supernova explosion?

I think I just saw a supernova explode with my own eyes through my GSO 12 inch Dobsonian. Please tell me what it was! I am still trying to find what it was it was mindblowing! I went out on my roof ...
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10 votes
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Why does matter stay collapsed in the core, following a supernova explosion?

Following a supernova explosion a star may turn into a white dwarf, neutron star, black hole, or just a stellar dust & gas leftover. Excluding the latter case, why and how does the star's core ...
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What would the effects on or around Earth if Betelgeuse went supernova?

There's been a lot of news lately about Betelgeuse possibly exploding sooner than perhaps was expected. Some examples: Guinan, Edward F.; Wasatonic, Richard J.; Calderwood, Thomas J. (8 December 2019)...
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2 answers

Why did the Chelyabinsk meteor explode?

In February, a meteor entered the Earth's atmosphere over Chelyabinsk, Russia and exploded, producing a shockwave blast that damaged hundreds of buildings around the explosion site in Russia. But why ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Explosion event of IRAS 05506+2414?

From NASA's September 23, 2022 Hubble Unveils an Astronomical Explosion: A shroud of thick gas and dust surrounds a bright young star in this image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble’s ...
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4 answers

Why is iron responsible for causing a supernova?

Why is the element iron responsible for supernova? Can any star create more element than iron within the span of its life? I understand that when star dies due to supernova, other elements are ...
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3 answers

Can a black hole "supernova"?

In layman terms: nothing ever escapes the pull of a black hole, not even light when a super massive star reaches the end of it's life you get a supernova sometimes the "remains" of these stars can ...
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1 answer

Why are type 1b and type 1c supernovae called type 1 rather than type 2; if they result from large exploding stars, rather than accreting dwarfs?

What similarities do types Ib and Ic supernovae have in common with type 1a? Are their spectra or their magnitudes more similar to accreting white dwarfs than the other supermassive, main sequence, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Speed of blast from supernova

How fast does the blast front of a supernova expand at? Is it close to the speed of light or is it less than a quarter of the speed of light?
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1 answer

Internet Resource which register all Ultra-long Gamma-Ray Bursts

I read in a scientific magazine there was new gamma bursts that last longer than usual. One was detected during december 2010, also known as Christmas Burst: GRB 101225A and another one in 9th of ...
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3 votes
5 answers

Why doesn't the Sun explode?

I know stars explode because of the fuel causing a fusion compound pushing it apart and the fuel runs out and it 'bounces' for lack of a better term. Given the fact that more massive stars are ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Black hole explosion due to rotation [duplicate]

I am not an expert, I was just thinking about this scenario: A black hole that, for some reason, will start spinning faster and faster. Is it theoretically possible that the rotation becomes so fast ...
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3 votes
0 answers

How long does it take for a white dwarf to undergo a type Ia supernova?

I read about white dwarfs and their relation to Type Ia supernovae, and I want to know how much time passes between when the white dwarf passes the Chandrasekhar limit and when the white dwarf ...
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3 answers

If Betelgeuse is exploding in 2022, why would we see the explosion in 2022?

I have heard a lot about Betelgeuse exploding in 2022. But, I had a doubt about this. Astronomers are still receiving signals from Betelgeuse. And if Betelgeuse is going to explode in 2022, then ...
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Exploded star or object on earth?

I don’t have a telescope 🔭 (which is sad) Anyways… Usually in the city, all stars are covered by the light pollution, and that’s my case. I stare out my window every night, but yesterday night I saw ...
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Supernova explosion nearby

A nearby star has crossed Chandrasekhar's limit. How do we come to know when it will undergo supernova explosion? Or has it already undergone supernova explosion?
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Density and Velocity profiles of a self gravitating explosion

Suppose an asteroid explodes, into a spherically symmetrical cloud, of radius R, mass M, and surface receding velocity V (normal to the edge of the cloud), initially the density is radially uniform. ...
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