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Why do red dwarf (M-type) stars give off such violent flares and CMEs, out of proportion to their size and temperature?

Dr. Becky (Smethurst) just posted a new YouTube video mentioning, as I have heard many times, that it might not be possible for life to form on planets around Red Dwarf (M) stars because they would ...
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What would be the effect of a large solar flare on motor vehicles?

With the solar cycle now leading to an increase in flare activity, one naturally starts to think the effects of a large solar flare heading this way. While major flares like the Carrington Event are ...
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BLC1 and Proxima Centauri's activity

From Wikipedia BLC1: A paper by other astronomers released 10 days before the news report about BLC1 reports the detection of "a bright, long-duration optical flare, accompanied by a series of ...
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Events I cannot explain

In the last few days I experienced two events I cannot explain. I watch the sky since I was a child so I'm aware of most events like satellites, ISS, Iridium flares, etc... First event It was about 22:...
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How to model blazar light curves

I have SED data spanning over a couple of days and I'm able to find the parameters of the SED (R, B, break energy,...) using least squares method. My question is how to model light curves (with t_acc, ...
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How does a Super-Massive Black Hole 'flare'?

This week we have read of evidence of the Super Massive Black Hole in the centre of the Galaxy 'flaring'. My understanding is that light cannot escape from a black hole. My question is: How does a ...
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How strong are the stellar flares on YZ Ceti?

Doing research for a game and trying to understand the implications of the stellar flares from YZ Ceti. In short (ignoring the planets for now), if people were to build large space stations of various ...
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Could an ultra-hot Jupiter flare?

Some of the ultra-hot Jupiters (WASP-33b, KELT-9b) have dayside surface temperatures similar to low-mass stars. Would they be capable of producing flares? To be specific, I am asking about the ...
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What cosmic disaster is most likely to happen? [closed]

Of all the different ways that the Earth can be destroyed what ways is the most likely that could happen?
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Bright, brief light in sky this morning (daytime) - satellite flare? [duplicate]

This morning at 8:00am UK time, give or take about 3 minutes, I saw a very bright light in the sky which seemed to get a little brighter, lasting for maybe 5 seconds after I first noticed it, then ...
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5 sec flare near Arcturus

Hello fellow amateur and professional astronomers, On July July 17, 2017, I was at an observing session in Avrig, Sibiu county, Romania (45.7288° N, 24.3784° E). At approx 11:30 pm I pointed my green ...
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Travelling, flashing Star? [closed]

I have recently gotten into observing the night skies and learning about the stars/ star systems that are visible to me using an app on my phone. For the last month or so Venus and Mars appear in the ...
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Unknown moving objects [closed]

Last night, I used my new Sony WX500 camera to get long exposure pictures of the sky from my backyard. I used the "Heavens Above" app to find out when satellite flares would happen and I even got a ...
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Magnitude, satellite flare and the Heavens Above app

On the Heavens above app for Android and maybe iOS, it shows negative magnitude values for Iridium satellites, but for other ones, it shows positive. Here is a screenshot Why is this?
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What is "emission measure"?

Many papers mention emission measure, and some of them give the expression of EM, BUT there is no clear definition of EM. My question is what EM is on earth? Its unit is supposed to be cm-3. How to ...
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Can a solar flare destroy every electronic item on earth?

I was reading a book about the sun which suggested that a solar flare can destroy every electronic item on Earth. Is this really true and if so, how would it happen? Could we do anything to to prevent ...
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