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Questions regarding gravitationally bound systems of hundreds to thousands of galaxies as well as interactions between such systems.

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Is there a better explanation of this picture showing the very distant star "Earendel"?

"Close-up of the tiny region where Earendel happened to fall right on top of the narrow line where the magnification increases by (tens of) thousands of times. A cluster of many stars is seen ...
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When will the Milky Way "arrive" at the Great Attractor, and what all happen then?

The Great Attractor is described as a location to towards which the Milky Way, along with all other galaxies in the Laniakea Supercluster are moving. How long will it take for the Milky Way to "arrive"...
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How many galaxies are there in the Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall?

The Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall is "to date (February 16, 2015), it is the largest and the most massive structure known in the observable universe" (source). How many galaxies is the Hercules–...
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Is the local group bound to the Virgo cluster?

The Virgo Cluster is currently red-shifted by 0.003 according to Wikipedia; this indicates that the cluster is expanding. Will the cluster's enormous gravity eventually "win" and pull the ...
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Would gravitational waves be subject to external gravitational perturbations?

Given that the gravitational wave detected by LIGO was a very weak echo of a very distant event, could it have been "deviated" and distorted on its way here by a sufficiently massive black hole in ...
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Generating random galaxy catalogs for correlation functions

The galaxy correlation function, when computed directly from a galaxy catalog, relies on computing a randomly generated counterpart catalog. When dealing with a simulated galaxy mock-catalog, where ...
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Temperature of the intracluster medium (ICM)

I've read once in an article that the temperature of the medium within galaxy clusters (the intracluster medium or ICM) is extremely high. What does that temperature really mean? Particle velocity? ...
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How to get ellipticities of galaxies from SDSS using casjobs?

How to get ellipticities of a list of random galaxies. I saw few programs written in SQL and they were only giving stokes parameters and isophotes values for ONE galaxy(for which we input the ObjID). ...
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What is the meaning of ellipticity of a galaxy being more than 1?

I was recently doing a project on calculating ellipticities of galaxies using SDSS data. I downloaded the stokes parameter values (q and u) from data $e = 1 - \frac{b}{a} = 1 - \frac{1 - \sqrt{Q^2 + ...
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Contradict the expansion of the universe?

Lets say that we observe in a distant galaxy cluster, which in all the galaxies move far away from us. and here we see in the same cluster a galaxy that move away from us in a much lower velocity ...
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