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Gamma ray bursts are flashes of gamma rays, produced by extremely powerful explosions in distant galaxies. They are among the most powerful events in the universe

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"Who saw" the binary neutron star merger first? What was the sequence of events? (GRB/GW170817)

I'm trying to read Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger the "cast of thousands" OPEN Access ApJ letter 848:L12 (59pp), 2017 October 20 ...
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How likely and severe is the threat of a gamma ray burst to earth?

In the National Geographic article: it is suggested that a gamma ray burst likely caused a mass extinction in earth's ...
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Are Gamma Ray Bursts of galactic or extragalactic origin?

I read about the 1995 Lamb-Paczynski debate on whether GRBs are galactic or extragalactic in origin. With our current experimental evidence, have we found whether GRBs are galactic or extragalactic?
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What are the Gamma rays and Cosmic rays effects on humans and equipments? [closed]

First of all not to consider me a conspiracy theorist, but isn't landing on the moon a questionable issue? I am really not an expert in astronomy but let's assume that a moon landing has happened. 1- ...
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Do mixed type remnant collisions produce anything interesting?

The recent detection of a binary neutron star inspiraling and colliding raises an interesting question in my mind. Type Ia supernovae are believed to be caused by white dwarf/regular star pairs and/or ...
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Should we expect clues from a gamma ray burst causing massive extinctions on Earth?

I remember reading an article on the subject highlighting the periodicity of this event throughout history supposing it could be caused by the rotation of the sun around the galaxy. My question is: ...
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