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Grand Tack Hypothesis and Nice model

The two models describe the evolution of the solar system at different timescales, but both result in the current location of Jupiter. Are they compatible with eachother? Could the Grand Tack be the ...
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What were the likely initial conditions at the time of the solar system's formation?

I know we will never know for sure how many planets there were and what their respective masses and orbital elements were when the solar system formed, but I'm very interested in what the approximate ...
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25 votes
2 answers

Intuitive explanation of the source of energy that cause Jupiter and Saturn to migrate outward in the Grand Tack Hypothesis?

The Grand Tack Hypothesis states that Jupiter first migrate inward, but it was caught up by the faster inward migration of Saturn, and when the two planets reached 3:2 mean-motion resonance they ...
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How does the Grand Tack Hypothesis explain how Jupiter formed inside the frost line?

The Grand Tack Hypothesis states that Jupiter formed at roughly 3.5 AU from the Sun, then interacted with a large portion of objects in the Solar System before settling into its current orbit. Yet as ...
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