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Gravitational-Wave Strain and Power (watt/square metre)

If we detect a gravitational wave with a strain of, for example, $h=10^{-20}$, what is the flux of power carried by this wave, in SI units, $W/m^2$ ? How can flux of power be calculated for a given ...
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Are short-period comets more stable (in their orbits) than long-period ones?

Why the sharp distinction between short-period (P) comets of less-than-200-year orbits and those (C) with even slightly longer ones? To explore the possibility that it has to do with stability, I will ...
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Does the Inverse Square Law mean that the apparent diameter of an object of same mass has the same gravitational effect?

Someone else asked about various planets located at the orbital range of the Moon. It made me wonder if an object with the same density as the Moon, at a distance which would present the same angular ...
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What are different forces acting on a planet which may be related to axial tilts?

In our solar system, we see that the axis of rotation of planets is tilted forex. The axial tilt of Venus is near 179 degrees. Venus, Uranus, and Pluto have large values of axial tilt(more than 90 ...
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Depth of gravitational well within our local Virgo supercluster?

For simplicity we could imagine standing at the north pole so we do not have to care about how fast we are moving in relation to the gravitational field of the earth. Now calculating how much faster ...
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