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What is the force responsible for the output of whiteholes?

When we think of black holes and big celestial objects we think of objects being pulled towards them with a strong force. And that force turns out to be the gravitational force but then for the theory ...
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BH rotating at maximum speed and extremal BH

Academic problem: What should be the rotational speed of a planet at the equator such as there is no surface gravity? Plugging centripetal force=gravitational force... $$mv^2/R=GMm/R^2$$ we get, ...
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Does a planets mass affect its gravitational pull? Let's say earth increased or decreased in mass could that theoretically affect gravity?

This was a random thought I had, and I can't seem to find any answers. I was thinking that if the Earth shrunk that could possibly cause an increase in ...
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Calculating net gravitational force on Uranus

I want to calculate the net/total gravitational force which is being exerted on the planet Uranus. There are many objects in our solar system like the Sun, other planets, moons of other planets, moons ...
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