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Questions regarding the hypothetical particle that is the quantum of gravity.

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Cosmic massive graviton bounds

In the paper, Relativistic theory of gravitation and the graviton rest mass. Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, 65(1), 971–979. doi:10.1007/bf01028629, the mass bound $$m_g<6.4\cdot 10^{-66}g=6....
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Existence of gravitons?

For a lot of my uninformed life, I have doubted the existence of gravitons or even that gravity is an actual "force" (like electromagnetism). This is because my vision of general relativity was that ...
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Is their any clue where gravitons come from?

Everything which has mass has gravity. Some theories hypothesis that gravitons are responsible for that, but do they have any clue where they come from? Like gluons are interacting between quarks and ...
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