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Questions about the spectral line at 656.28 nm in the Balmer series called H-alpha or H$\alpha$.

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How to compute object counts in narrowband imaging?

How do we go about computing the object counts from an emission nebula in H alpha? Do need to search the object in Vizier, get the reported FLux for the object in a catalog?.. Do I use synphot-astropy ...
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When was H-alpha first used to observe the universe?

The H-alpha line is used by astronomers to trace the presence of hydrogen in galaxies or to view protuberances on the Sun. When was the H-alpha emission of astronomical objects such as galaxies first ...
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H alpha - double peak (Be star)

What is the double peak in this case, please? What does the third mean? Many thanks
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How to isolate H$_\alpha$ from Nitrogen doublet emission lines

I am trying to find out line intensity and FWHM of H$_\alpha$6565 emission line from a quasar spectrum obtained from SDSS DR-14Q. Visual inspection of spectrum shows H$_\alpha$ being contaminated with ...
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Any simple experiment with an H-alpha telescope?

Is there any simple experiment that can be done with an H-alpha telescope, for example to estimate the Sun's mass, size, distance, temperature or intensity? I give lessons about renewable energy and ...
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about H$_\alpha$ and H$_\beta$ lines in astronomical objects' spectra

Generally there may be some line ratio between the two lines. If H$\alpha$ is strong, it is quite possible we can see H$_\beta$ too. Is it possible we can see H$_\beta$, but can not see H$_\alpha$? ...
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H-alpha velocity fields of spirals falling into a cluster

What kind of impact would you expect ram pressure stripping / tidal interactions / harassment / interactions with the cluster potential (etc!) to have on the h-alpha velocity fields of infalling ...
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