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Questions about the astrometric satellite of the European Space Agency, launched in 1989 and operated until 1993.

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Why is it hard to reconcile Gaia DR2 with the HIP data set

I'm trying to get a database of about 20 million of the brightest stars in the sky for a project I'm working on, and I want to reconcile it with the Hipparcos data set. Currently, I'm only using the ...
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How to reduce Hipparcos catalog star coordinates to another Epoch?

Hipparcos catalog lists star equatorial coordinates (RA,Decl). The coordinates are 1991.25 positions on ICRS reference frame (epoch J2000). According to Astronomical Algorithms (J. Meeus) the ...
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Spurious periods of stars

What exactly is meant by spurious periods of stars? E. Tanner writes in Spurious Periods in Spectroscopic Binaries in 1948 Furthermore: Can spurious periods be produced by aliasing, and how can they ...
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Have I misunderstood Hipparcos Data with Arcturus?

If I take Arcturus for example, its HipID is 32349 and when i look at the raw Hip_Main.dat, it stays that the star's Spectral is K2IIIp whilst Wikipedia says the star's is KOIII. Why the discrepancy, ...