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Is there a more permanent way to set up an Artificial Horizon?

For the last few months we have been constantly setting up an Artificial Horizon (Davis Instruments) using motor oil as the liquid. We discovered that it is very hard to take a reading off of it ...
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Calculate position of sun in sky

I would like to calculate the angle formed by the sun and the horizon for any hour of the day and any day of the year for a particular place on Earth. So like: what is the angle of the sun to the ...
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How low can the sun be seen in the sky?

I'm interested in knowing how low the sun could ever get in the sky and still be seen. More technically: what's the minimum possible elevation of the sun at which it can still be seen above the ...
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Horizons SPK file with a different coordinate center than I asked for

I am using the JPL horizons app to generate an SPK file for Chiron (ID: 20002060) with respect to the solar system barycenter (ID: 0). However, the generated SPK file says the center is with respect ...
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Demonstration- formula for angle between horizon and ecliptic

The most precise and quite intuitive formula I could find online is here: $$\cos I = \cos ϵ \sin ϕ − \sin ϵ \cos ϕ \...
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