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Questions about the simplest and most abundant element in the Universe.

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The Relationship between Surface Temperature and Mass of MS and Red Giant

The assumptions about the problem situation are as follows : The red giant is in the HB at HR disgram, and it's a helium fusion situation. And in this situation, the mass of the red giant is the ...
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Hydrogen Frost Line? Where, if anywhere, is it cold enough for Oort Cloud objects or rogue planets to have solid hydrogen on their surfaces?

I like the idea of Oort Cloud objects all being crusted with a thin layer of hydrogen snow, though what little information I've managed to find on the topic seems to imply that that is unlikely, ...
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What are the implications if the Sun was formed in a warm nebula?

Molecular oxygen O2 has been found on comet 67P/C-G in a ratio of 3.8% to water, which is much higher than expected. An explanation proposed is that the Solar System formed from a molecular cloud ...
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How to convert between spectra given in terms of velocity (km/s) to wavelength spectra?

I have H alpha spectra of H II regions in our galaxy. In the paper, the x-axis is in units of km/s and the corresponding line width as well. From this, how can I get equivalent width of the H alpha ...
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