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Is the universe still considered "finite but unbounded"?

The BBC reports in Alien life in Universe: Scientists say finding it is 'only a matter of time' that Scotland's Astronomer Royal, Catherine Heymans, has said We live in an infinite Universe, with ...
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Could matter be infinite?

Perpetual motion and Big Bang theory seem to allude that the universe can’t last forever because matter and energy are dispensed. Is it plausible the Universe has infinite matter?
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Was universe spawn from nothing? [duplicate]

Was universe spawn from nothing? Until now, scientists figured out that the Big Bang happened from a tiny particle which was infinitely energy densed and having infinite mass. If that is the case ...
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Types of Multiverses [closed]

Can anyone recommend me books or other online resources on the concept of the Multiverse, it types, and about higher mathematical dimensions of space-time. I have been interested in such topics for a ...
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Why do scientists assume they can measure the shape of the universe if it is also widely believed to be infinite?

The shape of the universe is the question of whether the universe is flat, has a positive curvature or a negative one. More recently astronomers have compared radiation coming from extremely distant ...
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Why doesn't a singularity spin infinitely fast?

A question for a random reader passing through: because of the nature of things spinning faster when it gets smaller, wouldn't a singularity spin infinitely fast as it's infinitely small, if it has a ...
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Measuring the size and the geometry of Universe [closed]

When we would be able to tell with surety that universe is finite or infinite? How can we exactly determine the density of the universe so, that we compare it with critical density, in order to ...
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Universe becoming finite

If sometime in the distant future, the Universe stopped expanding, would this mean that the Universe was no longer infinite?
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