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Questions related to Kuiper Belt Objects that exist in an annulus from 30AU to approximately 50AU from the Earth's Sun.

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How many Kuiper Belt objects have moons? How do we know this?

On 2012 in the New Horizons' The PI's Perspective Alan Stern wrote The Kuiper Belt at 20: Paradigm Changes in Our Knowledge of the Solar System (more also archived) which includes: Most of the known ...
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How many solar system objects that can really qualify as a KBO are likely to enter Pluto's Hill sphere each day?

A comment below Which celestial body is able to come closest to Pluto? says that Technically, many, many small Kuiper belt objects enter Pluto's Hill Sphere (or sphere of influence SOI) every day. ...
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Does the KBO 2014-MU69 have two numbers and entries in asteroid databases? How did it get promoted to Major Body designation?

In this answer I show that the (now pretty famous) Kuiper Belt Object 2014-MU69 has two entries in JPL's ephemeris generating Horizons site; Major Body ...
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What wavelengths are used to search for distant solar system objects like KBOs and Oort cloud members?

What wavelengths of light are used/most suited to search for distant solar system objects like KBOs and Oort cloud members? I suppose they are brightest in reflected sunlight, so they are best ...
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How can the orbit of a Kuiper Belt Object be differentiated from the transit of a rogue planet?

Related to the question "Are any Pluto-sized objects remaining to be discovered in the Kuiper Belt?" and the fact that most of the Kuiper Belt objects have very elliptical orbits, the question begs, ...
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