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What's the mass distribution of elements created in neutron star mergers?

In charts like this, you'll see that a bunch of the heaviest elements mostly come from neutron star mergers. But what about the mass distribution of just the products of neutron star mergers? That is, ...
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How loud would a supernova, kilonova, and hypernova be? [closed]

If we could hear the sounds of these explosions directly where it was happening, how loud would each of these events be?
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What would happen if a neutron star merged with a white dwarf?

We've heard of neutron star mergers and white dwarf mergers. But what would result in a neutron star merging with a white dwarf? Would there be a similar super/kilonova, are there any examples of it, ...
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How big would the supernova when a neutron star collides with another neutron star? [closed]

If two neutrons stars that are orbiting were to collide, how big would the supernova explosion be? Would a new black hole or a new supernova remnant be formed?
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Identifying cataclysmic stellar phenomena

Cataclysms such as novas, kilonovas, supernova, magnetars, quasars, gamma ray bursts are rarely visible from Earth. Under what conditions (such as distance, day vs. night, naked eye vs. level of ...
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Did the scientists really observed gold and platinum being created from kilonova?

I read that after LIGO and Virgo interferometers detected gravitational waves signal from a kilonova, many ground based telescopes quickly turns their mirrors towards the spot and "sees" gold and ...
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Does a kilonova leave a high mass remnant?

My understanding of Type Ia supernovae is that they are expected, in most cases, to destroy the white dwarf(s) that went in to them, leaving behind no high density remnants (i.e. no white dwarf, ...
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Do mixed type remnant collisions produce anything interesting?

The recent detection of a binary neutron star inspiraling and colliding raises an interesting question in my mind. Type Ia supernovae are believed to be caused by white dwarf/regular star pairs and/or ...
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