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Questions about the elliptical galaxy Messier 87

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Why were only 4 days of data used in the M87 EHT observation?

I wonder why only 4 days of data were used in the M87 Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) observation. What is preventing you from obtaining a more detailed and clearer image over a longer period of time?
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How much of M87 can i see with an amateur telescope?

I was reading about M87 and how it is possible to see it's relativistic jet with an amateur telescope. About a year ago i impulse-bought a telescope (model: Celestron CE21049 powerseeker 127EQ). I'm ...
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Why is there no color shift on the photo of the M87 black hole?

Last year, the first photo of a black hole in Messier 87 was published: (Source: EHT) It is quite obvious that about the lower half of the accretion disk is brighter. This question (or rather, the ...
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Details of the M87 Active Galactic Nucleus -- questions of scale

This video describes a scale model of the M87 SMBH (somewhat distorted to live in flat space and for other practical reasons) in which the Schwarzschild radius appears to be scaled to about 10cm, with ...
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Why doesn't the black hole in the center of the Milky Way glow similarly to the famous M87 image?

The M87 image made some astronomers famous recently as the first image of a black hole. In the Milky Way, it has been concluded that there must be a black hole due to the movement of stars near the ...
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Where is the intervening light in the M87 black hole?

The M87 black hole is at the centre, more or less, of an elliptical galaxy of 1 trillion or more stars. So certainly there are stars and other light emitting objects (emission nebula e.g.) in the ...
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Why is the ring of light around the M87 black hole bigger than the photon sphere?

Today we know that a black hole represents a region of space where the gravitational forces are very intense, this consequence of a concentration of matter in a very small region of space. On April 10 ...
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Why isn't the relativistic jet visible in the image of the M87 black hole?

I'm referring to the infamous relativistic jet, which consists of matter being accelerated to near the speed of light, originating at the poles of the black hole: But in the image of the black hole ...
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Is this the best non-radio image of whatever's at the center of M87? How was it taken?

The BBC News article First ever black hole image released shows the instantly-iconic radio image of the (almost certainly) supermassive black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy, just released by the ...
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