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What is the apparent magnitude of the Milky Way from the viewpoint of the Large Magellanic Cloud?

Wikipedia contains the essentially unsourced claim that From a viewpoint in the LMC, the Milky Way's total apparent magnitude would be −2.0—over 14 times brighter than the LMC appears to us on Earth—...
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Why were the Magellanic Clouds named that way?

From the Wikipedia article, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds were observed prior to Magellan's expedition, and the name only stuck long after Magellan's expedition (at first, they were called ...
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SMC and the Milky Way

Do astronomers have any reason to believe that the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) collided with the Milky Way? If so, how do astronomers think about the concept of collision? Would a collision only ...
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Magellanic Clouds

The Magellanic clouds do not seem to move much relative to the other background stars, which of course move a good deal. Is there some explanation for this or am I observing poorly?
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Introduction to the Magellanic Clouds?

I'm looking for an introductory textbook on the Magellanic Clouds, something suited for a student about to obtain their Physics BS degree (ie: not a professional astronomer). I'm aware of The ...
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Is the Large Magellanic Cloud contained in the Milky Way?

From a distance of 160,000 light years, the Large Magellanic Cloud looks at first glance like an isolated section of the Milky Way, running across southern Dorado into neighbouring Mensa. Is the ...
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What is the exact position of the Large Magellanic Cloud?

I am not able to visualize the position of the LMC and have not found a satisfactory explanation... Can someone please answer it this way? Relative to a ray joining the Earth to the Galactic-Center(...
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Stars in star clusters in SMC and LMC

Is there any catalog or any paper published in any journal that lists the stars discovered under whichever star cluster of the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) they belong to? There is one for Large ...
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What is the difference between LMC and SMC?

Apart from the obvious difference as suggested by their names that the Large Magellanic Cloud is 'larger' than the Small Magellanic Cloud, what are the other differences between them? Do give all the ...
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